So You Want To Learn How To Mix Music?

I find that when I mix my own material I am far too self-critical and that it gets in the way of me being impartial enough to just move forward and creates a sound that I could live with.

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How to mix music on your computer


There’s a bit of cost involved in taking this route but I felt that it was a good bang for your buck considering that there was enough decent material combined with enough instruction along the path to get into a good flow and sorry to have your hand held a bit along the way.


There’s also a free forum made up of other members that you can interact with and bounce ideas off while collaborating on the same group of songs.


You can post your mixes and get critiques which of course can be good and bad. However, sooner or later you’re going to have to let people hear your music unless,

Beauty of Mixing

The beauty of taking this course was that all the material was supplied and I could just dig in and start mixing.


Student Testimonial in Video ( Watch Below )

Mixing and Mastering Other People’s Music

Whenever I mixed somebody else’s material it was seemed to be a whole lot easier to make decisions. This is a bit of psychology at play but psychology does affect a lot of our perception including what we hear and especially what we think we hear!

Don’t Doubt

Your Own Ears When It Comes To Mixing

Home Studio Mixing

Digital Recording

Private Forum


Of course, along the way, you’re going to get a lot of advice from that dangerous peer group we talked about previously.

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The key is to sort out the good advice from the bad advice by simply trying these things for yourself

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using some objectivity and make your own conclusions about what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.



“emotional attachment”

For me, this meant a lot of different songs that I didn’t have an emotional attachment to. Meaning songs I didn’t write of course.

“Mass Mixing”

So where do you get access to decent songs of relatively good quality and quantity that you can get into a rhythm of “mass mixing“.

“All You Need is Ears”

So that should give you a pretty good start. Take time to read “ All You Need is Ears”. I found it really helpful as I’m sure you will too.


mixing and recording!

So let me impart some wisdom to you if you are fairly new to the game. Beware of opinions in regards to the apparent “rules” of mixing and recording! Including mine!


why do my mixes sound bad?

So often I would ask myself ” why do my mixes sound bad?” and “why are my mixes not translating?“.
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We may be trying to import ideas that are better suited to people who a have different motives for the final product that we so as simple home recordists.