Sample Mixes


This is “No More Blue Skies”. A self-recorded and self-mixed track.

Instruments used and effects rundown.

Recorded and mixed in Cubase 6.5

DrumsSuperior Drummer with a snare sample overlay to add some midrange pop to the room sound.

Bass  Guitar– Played live on an Ibanez SDgr series 5 string

GuitarPod XT. 1984 Jackson Soloist. ( Yes it really is an old Pod XT  #15a from the stock settings )

Keys – Stock organ from the Cubase library of sounds.

Vocals – Me singing through a Beta 58

BU Vocals – More beta 58. 60 tracks sung one after the other sitting down in from of the computer.

This is ” Change Your Mind”. Also self-recorded and self-mixed with a similar list of gear as the previous track.